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1. Prepared and Powdered Clay Bodies, Raw Clays, Grogs
2. Frits and Glazes
3. Basic Materials
4. Oxides, Underglazes, Prepared Colours and Decorating Products
5. Tools and Utensils
6. Plastic Ware, Plaster Moulds, Clothing
7. Machinery and Equipment
8. Kilns and Accessories
9. Books and Videos
10. Moulds
11. Mayco Accessory Products
12. Mayco Non-Fired Paints/Products
13. Hobbycraft Accessories
14. Clearance Items
15. Professional Brushes
16. Bisque Blanks

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Brickkiln Lane, Etruria Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 7BP
Tel: 01782 219816 Fax: 01782 286506 Email: sales@potclays.co.uk