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7015-WDR5T - WonderBat for the Shimpo RK5T Tabletop Potter's Throwing Wheel The WonderBat is an inno...

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7015-WDR5T - WonderBat for the Shimpo RK5T Tabletop Potter's Throwing Wheel

The WonderBat is an innovative bat system available in a number of sizes and offer significantly improved performance over standard plastic or traditional plywood bats.

They perform similar to plaster in that there is no need to wire off. WonderBats are made from 1/2" thick material that resists warping and are very durable. All bats are drilled for standard 3/8" diameter pins on 10" centers and are supplied with reinforced grommets in the pin holes.

WonderBats have a unique, proprietary grommet system which allow for a tighter, more secure fit to the pottery wheel.  Never have to worry about the bat popping off again.

In addition,  WonderBats include finger slots and a bevelled bottom edge profile to allow for easier lifting of the bats from the wheel.


WonderBats are made with a treated wood composite panel product that was developed for applications in exterior and high moisture interior environments. It is manufactured from wood chips and phenolic resins, which makes it resistant to moisture. It has a uniform density and thickness compared to wood, which means there are more consistent physical properties throughout the board making it resistant to warping.

It is environmentally friendly; no old growth timber is used to make it. Instead, byproducts from sawmill operations and forest thinnings are converted into the wood chips which are used to create the material that WonderBats are made. Also, because this material is made using phenolic resins it has essentially no formaldehyde emissions.