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Fusing 230

  • Sku - 800-9610
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There is currently a 28 week lead time on all Rohde kilns.


ROHDE Fusing kilns

The concept for these new fusing kiln models is based on our toploader building concept tried and tested for more than 30 years. The kilns are available as table top models and are therefore suitable for integrating them in an…

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  • Description

    Fusing 230

    There is currently a 28 week lead time on all Rohde kilns.


    ROHDE Fusing kilns

    The concept for these new fusing kiln models is based on our toploader building concept tried and tested for more than 30 years. The kilns are available as table top models and are therefore suitable for integrating them in an individual workshop environment.

    The controller disposes of 15 segments and can save up to 15 programs. It is comfortably integrated into the kiln and meets almost every requirement when it comes to fusing. Particular characteristics Fusing 40 and 230:

    • Insulation made of lightweight firebricks, no ceramic fibre
    • High-quality infrared heating elements
    • Max. temperature 950°C, low surface temperatures
    • Silent and wearless Solid State Relays with exterior cooling element
    • Lid easy-to-open supported by gas pressure springs
    • Comfortable kiln control integrated into kiln body
    Characteristics of controller TC 2088e
    • Saves up to 15 programs
    • Each program with 15 segments
    • Clear and easy-to-read display
    • Additional switch outputs optional e.g. for signalling devices or similar
    • USB interface optional for WinConfig

      Rohde Fusing Controller

    Stock Code Model Tmax °C Int. W mm Int. D mm Int. H mm Ext. W mm Ext. D mm Ext. H mm Working height mm Output kW Current Amps Plug Weight Kg
    800-9600 Fusing 40L 950 500 400 210 850 650 530 Table Top 2.9 13 Schuko***  
    800-9610 Fusing 230 950 1050 650 320 1400 1100 650 Table Top 11 16 CEE 16 A  
    800-9620 FE 75 1000 520 520 280 800 930 500 350 3.6 16 Schuko*** 160
    800-9630 FE 100 N 1000 520 520 380 800 930 1000 350 3.6 16 Schuko*** 190
    800-9640 FE 100 S 1000 520 520 380 800 930 1000 350 7 15 CEE 16 190
    800-9650 FE 250 1000 1100 610 410 1700 1100 1800 800 11 16 CEE 16 325
    800-9660 FE 600 1000 1700 850 410 2300 1200 1800 800 15 22 CEE 32 600
    800-9670 FE 1000 N 1000 2200 1200 410 2800 1600 1900 800 22 32 CEE 32 800
    800-9680 FE 1000 S 1000 2200 1200 410 2800 1600 1900 800 30 43 CEE 63 800
    800-9690 FE 1800** 1000 3050 1550 410 3500 1900 1900 800 43 63 CEE 63 1600


    If you require special delivery arrangements please contact us.


    All deliveries MUST be checked before signing. A ‘clear’ signature indicates acceptance of the delivery in good condition. If any issues are subsequently discovered, Rohde/Potclays will not be held responsible. The following procedure must be adhered to:

    1. Check the goods by opening the box and examining it for damage; if damaged, sign – damaged

    2. If the shock-watch is red, sign as shock-watch activated regardless of what the subsequent checking reveals

    3. If there is a small empty box on top of the consignment (usual on top loaders) and it is flattened make a note, box damaged.

    4. If it is not possible to open the kiln box (in the presence of the delivery driver) to check the goods, sign as unchecked. Just because the box looks OK, the goods may not be OK.

    5. Essentially unless you are really sure (by checking) that the goods are undamaged there should be a note on the receiving papers, either unchecked, shock-watch activated or box damaged.

  • Delivery & Returns

    Delivery & Returns

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    Your carriage charge will be calculated at checkout based upon the volumetric weight of your order, and your location. If for any reason your delivery charge cannot be calculated at checkout, you will see a message explaining that our sales team will contact you with a quote. You will be under no obligation to accept this and have the right to cancel your order. 

    We deliver throughout the UK and overseas using a trusted third-party distribution network. Delivery is to kerbside or letterbox only.

    Due to exceptional demand, please allow up to 10 working days for deliveries. Our Nextday service is suspended. Collection from our Stoke-on-Trent warehouse is currently only possible by placing your order by phone +44(0)1782 219816. Although carriers will endeavour to deliver within the agreed timeframe, unexpected delays due to weather conditions, breakdowns, traffic and other factors may cause some disruption to schedules.


    We are bound by the terms and conditions of our carriers therefore we cannot pursue a claim if these instructions are not followed:- 

    Special Delivery Conditions: You must inform us at point of order of any special conditions such as restricted access or opening times, otherwise you will be liable for any consequential costs incurred.

    Damage/Missing Items: You must check your delivery carefully before providing a ‘clear’ signature to the driver. Outward signs of damage/disruption to packaging must be noted alongside your signature. You must notify Potclays of damage or missing items within 24 hours of delivery.


    Returned Goods (Non-faulty): Subject to our prior consent having been obtained, products can be returned to us in an unused condition within 30 days of invoice date.  An administrative charge will be levied of 10% of the nett value plus transport, but subject to a minimum charge of £ 2.00. 

    Returned Goods (Faulty): If merchandise is returned because of some defect or due to error on our part, full credit/refund will be given.  However, customers must contact us in advance so that making methods and user error can be ruled out. 

    Read more about returns >

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