Stoneware Glaze

Application Recommendations

The following application recommendations are based upon the original product development intent and use for the product. Information on alternative application methods is listed in the section "Usage Variations and FAQ's".

For premixed products:

Stir well. Apply to soft-fired bisque(cone 04/06). Apply one, two or three coats depending on the result desired. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat. Fire to cone 5/6.

For dry mix products:

Tumble the bag prior to initial opening, which will remix the ingredient in case of settling during shipping. Water to dry material ratio is 16 fl oz. water to 1 pound of material. Add dry mix to water. Always use a NIOSH approved respirator when mixing dry materials. Whether dipping or spraying: let previous coat dry before applying additional coats. Fire to cone 5/6.

Usage Variations & FAQs

Our manufacturing process includes ball milling to very precise particles sizes. All you need to do to use our dry-mix glazes is add water, slake, stir and DIP. You'll love the sheeting action when dipping and be pleased to find that our dry-mix glazes will not settle out in your storage bucket.