Potstock 2015

May 21, 2015

Having had a couple of weeks to come down from the ‘high’ that was Potstock 2015 we can safely say it was a roaring success!

Every single one of you that attended had great things to say about our inaugural event and of that we’re very proud. This is first time we have done anything on this scale before: There were many, many hours of preparation and hard work involved but they all paid off.

The idea for a three day paint-your-own-pottery festival came about as a result of comments and feedback from those attending our previous PYOP events – particularly being able to choose projects and being given more time to shop in between classes. The schedule we arranged allowed for this, and we made sure that if someone wanted to book onto all the sessions, they would still have sufficient shopping time. The main theme of our classes centred around Silk Screening which proved very popular – particularly how to make your own silkscreens.  Our stencilling and stamp classes along with product usage classes were also all very well attended. Nobody wants to feel like a hen in a battery farm at this kind of event so we deliberately kept numbers lower to ensure plenty of one-to-one attention from the tutors!

The Mayco Colors, Bisque Imports and Debbie Wardle project sessions were exciting, inspiring and engaging – Teddy & Crista from Mayco Colors, Kelci from Bisque Imports, and Debbie all worked extremely hard at developing, preparing and delivering these: May Flowers, a retro floral pattern ; Tribal Trend, a dreamcatcher design ; Pop Art, a canvas in the style of Andy Warhol ; Harvester of Skulls, a gothic design ; Pot-shroom using Crystal glazes ; Pot-house using cobblestone glazes ; and finally Deb’s Keepsakes, detailed designs using silkscreens and specialist Mayco products. Potstock saw the launch of brand new glaze & colour and exclusive bisque releases, free product samples, and special offers and discounts across our full range of products. Delicious buffet lunches were laid on over the weekend, provided by Bentley’s – a fabulous local catering company.

Our Hippy Slippy Shake event at the Moat House Hotel was a phenomenal success with games, prizes, food, drink, dancing…and lots of laughs! The games were prepared and hosted by our very own Gareth, Amanda and Claire and turned out to be the perfect icebreaker to kick off the evening: The Mayco team was victorious and they were presented with champagne and chocolates and vouchers. Best Costume was won by Deb Soper of Pottyroos who apparently spent hours scouring Ebay for the perfect vintage dress. Sarah Miller and Dan Machin of The Licks (a local acoustic duo) were just fantastic, performing a host of Woodstock and other 60’s music and getting everyone up onto the dancefloor. DJ from Bisque Imports and Corrie Findlay from Ceramika Arts Studio (Aberdeen) improvised an excellent dance routine to Those Were The Days by Mary Hopkins, causing much hilarity – check out the video at https://youtu.be/a15MHNeCBV4. Claire did an amazing job as compère: Her efforts really ‘made’ the evening.

All in all, a fantastic event – and we hope the first of many more. Sincere thanks to everyone who came along and helped to make Potstock 2015 a success. Without you, there would have been no Potstock. Special thanks go to our friends from Mayco and Bisque Imports for their continuing support, and to the Potclays team who did a wonderful job and worked very hard in the lead-up.

We have received many suggestions and requests for particular projects for next year and are already putting our heads together with the Mayco and Bisque Imports team to make the projects even more attractive to our customers for 2016. 

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See you all again at the next event!

Very best wishes from everyone at Potclays PYOP