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Brand: Colorobbia

Colorobbia Liquid Gold & Lustres Colorobbia liquid golds and lustres have dissolved metals as their...

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Colorobbia Liquid Gold & Lustres

Colorobbia liquid golds and lustres have dissolved metals as their essential component. They are mainly applied by brush on porcelain, glass or ceramic objects and are always applied to already fired and glazed objects. Before firing, the objects must be left to dry for a few hours in a warm, dust-free place.

Recommended firing temperatures are:

Glass: 500°C-600°C, Orton cone SSB 022-021
Ceramics: 690°C-700°C, Orton cone SSB 018
Porcelain: 750°C-815°C, Orton cone SSB 017-015

How to apply and use:

These products are ready-to-use and are generally of a gluey, dark brown liquid aspect. Use a smooth brush. The pieces to be decorated must be well cleaned and bone dry. Gold, platinum and some lustres like copper and bronze do not need to be diluted. The brush must neither be too heavily-laden nor too little-laden and the layer applied must be uniform and fine. Too thick a layer causes burning or clouding during the firing. The other lustres can be diluted with an appropriate thinner at more or less 10%. The Mother of Pearl Iris lustre needs to be diluted at 15% at least (it burns more easily than the others if applied in thick layers. Burnt Iris results in a white powder and does not adhere). Precision scales are recommended when diluting in order to maintain the same fluidity and shade of colour.

Galaxy Lustres:

To obtain the "Galaxy" effect, apply an even coat of product on the piece to be decorated. Then, with a pointed brush, loaded with the same product, stipple the coat with soft strokes. Circular spots will soon appear on the surface. This effect will be extended and with fuzzy edges if the application is made on wet coat. It will appear smaller and with sharp edges if coat is well dried. Wait for the decoration to dry completely before firing. These products can be also applied using an airbrush for the application of the first coat, but due to the high volatility of product, the effect will be reduced.

Please note that the information provided is for guidance only. Different application methods and different firing conditions will affect results.

NOTE: Before using these products on a large scale we advise you to try a preliminary test.

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