L&L Kilns Are Built To Last

L&L focuses exclusively on perfecting the electric kiln. Teachers, potters, artists, hobbyists, and engineers find L&L to be the most durable electric kiln made and the easiest kiln to use, own, and maintain. Potclays are EXCLUSIVE IMPORTERS of L&L Kilns for the UK and Eire.

Control Fuse (0.5amp)

Stock code: 8LCFS05/00

Control Fuse Holder

Stock code: 8LGFSPB/00

Control Transformer

Stock code: 8LGTR24/00


Stock code: 8NGD300/00

Element Holder 1-1/2"

Stock code: 8CGEH15/TN

Element Holder 2-1/2"

Stock code: 8CGEH25/TN

Element Holder 3-1/2"

Stock code: 8CGEH35/TN

Element Holder 3-15/16"

Stock code: 8CGEH39/TN

Element Holder 3"

Stock code: 8CGEH30/TN

Element Holder 4-1/4"

Stock code: 8EGEH4Q/TN

Element Terminal Board

Stock code: 8LJBK18/CE