Since 1969, Brent wheels set the standard for quality by earning a reputation for dependability, unsurpassed by other brands. Each wheel is built with materials, components and workmanship designed to take the punishment of classroom and studio use over the long haul. Models range from the tabletop ie-t to the heavy-duty CXC with a 1 1/2 hp motor that can centre over 45kg of clay. Amaco® and Brent® potter's wheels accommodate the needs of the potter, and small or large ceramic art departments.

Brent Adaptive Wheel #16 240V

£2,885.83 £2,597.25
Stock code: 7100-A

Brent B Potter's Wheel 240V

£1,328.89 £1,196.00
Stock code: 7100-B

Brent C Potter's Wheel 240V

£1,440.10 £1,296.09
Stock code: 7100-C

Brent CXC Potter's Wheel 240V

£1,588.78 £1,429.90
Stock code: 7100-CXC

Brent IE Potter's Wheel 240V

£1,094.59 £985.13
Stock code: 7100-IE


£42.95 £38.66
Stock code: 7100-BOOT

Leg Extension Kit for Brent Wheels

£280.96 £252.86
Stock code: 7100-LEG

Stool for Brent Potter's Wheels

£89.91 £80.92
Stock code: 7100-STOOL