We are delighted to bring GR Pottery Forms to the UK market for the first time. GR Pottery Forms are wood drape molds ideal for making dinnerware and serving platters.  They are cut & bevelled fibreboard which makes them durable and economical.  Easy to use over and over again giving you a tool to create personalised shallow objects.  Creator Jeff Rottman has used them for 10 years to create his production line and now is offering them to you. But remember they are wood: They will not last as long if they are left in a wet condition for over a 24 hour period.  The timing of making them and removing the pieces from the slab is very similar to plaster. The forms ship well and can be easily stored in a dry space. No release agent, cleaning or sealing necessary. Some shapes/sizes are stackable to enable you to make deeper forms. See the GR Pottery Forms YouTube video channel for tips on how to use GR Pottery Forms. NOTE: We have only recently introduced GR Pottery Forms to our portfolio and we are the first supplier to bring them to the UK market. If you need a shape/size we don't stock yet, please contact us: We have containers from the USA every 8 weeks or so.


Stock code: 6GR-C09


Stock code: 6GR-S09

GR Forms 12.5 CIRCLE

Stock code: 6GR-C06

GR Forms 13x17 OVAL

Stock code: 6GR-O07

GR Forms 14 CIRCLE

Stock code: 6GR-C07

GR Forms 3.5x3.5 SQUARE

Stock code: 6GR-S07

GR Forms 4.5x12.5RECTANGLE

Stock code: 6GR-R07

GR Forms 4x4 SQUARE

Stock code: 6GR-S06

GR Forms 5" Hexagon

Stock code: 6GR-H04

GR Forms 5x3.5 RECTANGLE

Stock code: 6GR-R04

GR Forms 5x5 SQUARE

Stock code: 6GR-S05