AMACO is a leader and innovator in the ceramic arts and an advocate and supporter of teachers and ceramic artists, for over 90 years. Potclays supplies the full range of Amaco Velvet Underglazes and Amaco Underglaze Chalks.

Amethyst 1PT

£53.36 £48.02
Stock code: 4V381/P

Avocado 1PT

£21.44 £19.30
Stock code: 4V333/P

Avocado 2oz jar velvet underglaze

£5.08 £4.57
Stock code: 4V333

Baby Blue 1PT

£21.44 £19.30
Stock code: 4V325/P

Beige 2oz jar velvet underglaze

£5.08 £4.57
Stock code: 4V302

Blue Green 1PT

£24.12 £21.71
Stock code: 4V341/P

Bright Orange 1PT

£53.36 £48.02
Stock code: 4V390/P

Bright Red 1PT

£53.36 £48.02
Stock code: 4V387/P


Stock code: C-40/P