BOTZ GmbH is a leading manufacturer of ceramic glazes and related products. The company was founded jointly as Surmann und Klück GbR by Mechthild Surmann and Jürgen Klück in 1984. Their basic concept was to develop and manufacture exclusively lead-free and cadmium-free brush-on glazes (later fully "non-toxic"). Today they offer a vast selection of high quality non-toxic glazes in a ready-to-use format. Products showing a square tile are low-temperature/earthenware glazes and those showing a triangular tile are stoneware glazes.

Agate Grey 200ml

Stock code: 29302

Agate Grey 800ml

Stock code: 29302/1


Stock code: 29622

Amethyst 800ml

Stock code: 29622/1

Apple Green

Stock code: 29376


Stock code: 29342

Aqua 800ml

Stock code: 29342/1

Aquamarine 200ml

Stock code: 29305

Aquamarine 800ml

Stock code: 29305/1


Stock code: 29455


Stock code: 29562

Baby Blue

Stock code: 29370

Basalt Grey 200CC

Stock code: 29893

Basalt Grey 800CC

Stock code: 29893/1

Bear Skin

Stock code: 29470