Potclays are THE SOLE OFFICIALLY AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR for the UK and Eire for North Star Equipment - the longest lasting, best quality equipment for Ceramics!

North Star Slab Rollers are made in two series: The Standard series used by hobby potters and students everywhere and the massive Super series, at home in industrial, institutional and production settings around the world. The most obvious differences are these: Standard machines are made in 18", 24" and,  30" widths. They have rolls 2 1/2" in diameter, tables are 48" long with the roller in the center and the handle drives the bottom roll directly. Super machines are much heavier, tables are 72" long, rolls are 4" in diameter, there is a 4.33:1 steel gear reduction between handle and roll. They are made 24", 30" and 36" wide, and they come only with a Wagon Wheel handle.

2 year limited warranty
1st year parts & labour (UK only)
2nd year parts only