Mayco is a leading USA manufacturer of ceramic products for both Paint-Your-Own-Pottery and traditional studio ceramics. The company began in 1954 with a small line of underglazes, produced in Los Angeles, California. Today, they produce a wide variety of glazes, non-fired products, moulds, bisque and decorating accessories in Hilliard, Ohio. Whilst many things have changed over their 60 years in business, their founding principle has remained consistent. They are committed to producing the highest quality products, at an affordable price, upon which all consumers can depend. But they are more than just a manufacturer. Their mission is to ignite creativity and inspire ceramic artists of all levels of expertise. Through their award winning techniques and highly praised educational programs such as Pottery Camp, they spark the imagination and encourage users to explore the world of ceramics and Mayco.

#0 Detail Liner

Stock code: RB-100

#4 Short Liner

Stock code: RB-104

#6 Round

Stock code: RB-116

#6 Script Liner

Stock code: CB-106

#8 Pointed Round

Stock code: RB-118

10" Flat Shader

Stock code: CB-310

10/0 Mini Liner

Stock code: CB-110

2020 Asst.Sw Samples

Stock code: SW-2020KT

3/4" Oval Glaze Mop

Stock code: CB-434

4 Celtic Press Tools

Stock code: MOCD1221

4 Leaf Design Press

Stock code: MOCD1073

4 Spiral Press Tools

Stock code: MOCD1072

501 Blues

Stock code: SC-58