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Top quality electric and gas fired kilns


The Potclays Group of companies was founded in the 1930's. We have been leading suppliers of small to medium sized kilns for industry, schools and colleges, art potters and hobbyists since the 1960's, and manufacturers of these kilns since 1982 when Potclay Kilns Ltd was added to the Group. We now have a wide range of top quality kilns of both electric and gas fired types, and in addition to the kilns we build ourselves we are the exclusive UK and Ireland importers for the world renowned USA kiln building company L&L Kilns Inc.

Whilst our product range is now very extensive we would emphasise that our marketing strategy is still based upon flexibility and we are able to produce kilns to customers own specification. If you therefore require a product not included on these web pages, or you require any amendment or modification, please let us know. We extend a cordial invitation to visit us at our Showrooms in Etruria , Stoke-on-Trent. You will always be most welcome to discuss any technical or supply issues, and at the same time collect any goods required thus avoiding carriage charges.




Founded in 1932 as a coal and clay mining company, the Group now comprises the holding company Potclays Limited, and two subsidiaries: The Potters Clay & Coal Co. Ltd. and Forward Transport Ltd. Harry Fraser Ltd. was merged into the company in 1976, Potclay Kilns Ltd in 1983, Claytec (UK) Ltd in 1992 and D.J.Shaw in 1992. The group is a relatively small one employing about 50 people. The Company operates from three sites. The main clay mine and clay production base is at Brownhills, South Staffordshire (Swan Works). Raw material processing and grog manufacture is at Valley Works in Etruria and other material processing, glaze manufacture, kiln manufacture, warehousing, retail shop, showroom and main offices is located at Albion Works, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent.



Potclays kilns are supplied to meet a variety of applications. These include glass work, heat treatment of metals, metal enamelling and lost wax processing in addition to ceramics use.

A large percentage of our kilns are specially made to clients' specification, designed to operate from different voltages, or specially built to suit site conditions. Kilns can be built in two sections, for example, to pass through narrow doorways etc., and then bolted together on site. If you therefore require a kiln of different size, or one to meet a particular need, please ask us for a quotation. Similarly, please contact us if you need advice to enable you to select the most appropriate kiln or accessories, or about siting or positioning, installation, venting or operation. Advice will be given gladly, without obligation.

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