Applications are NOW OPEN for the 2019 course and will close at 6pm on Fri 15/02/19

Clay College Stoke offers something quite different from other ceramics courses in the UK. This course provides a level of skill sufficient for a graduate to set themselves up as a practicing potter. The skills taught include making, design and planning, clay and glaze technology, kiln design, building and firing, marketing and promotion. It is an intensive course, with six 14 -15 week terms packed into two years. You can expect lots of contact time, and regularly invited highly skilled and internationally known makers to complement their in-house delivery. You will learn a huge amount and a lot will be expected of you in terms of hard work, commitment and enthusiasm. If you are serious about ceramics then there is certainly no other course in Britain offering what Clay College is offering. Their long term goal is to change the current system of teaching Studio ceramics.

Clay College have their first Open Day of the New Year on Saturday 19th January 12-4pm, then another on Saturday 9th February.