Our Sale Week will take place February 11-16 (further details to follow) and we're excited to welcome Bre Kathman of Mayco to host some exclusive glazing workshops for us from Monday 11 through to Wednesday 13. 

Bre has a Masters degree in Ceramics, runs her own studio and has been tutoring for Mayco since June 2018. She worked as a ceramics instructor, studio manager and as the Education Specialist at Chesapeake Ceramics for five years prior to joining Mayco.

On Monday & Tuesday, Bre will be covering a variety of stoneware glaze combinations that fire beautifully at mid to high fire temperatures. Four projects will be covered on each day and you can book one or both days. Each day will contain a project showing how the Crystal and Element glaze lines blend seamlessly with the Stoneware line. Designer Liner and underglazes will also be used to create intricate detail, using both the stamping technique and silk screening, adding a new layer of interest to your work. Take your completed projects home to fire at the end of the workshop.

On Wednesday's Low Fire workshop, you will complete two full projects which you can take home and fire. One of the projects encompasses a variety of low-fire glaze & decorative techniques using the versatile Stroke & Coat 'wonderglaze' range, stamps, stencils, silk-screens and 'credit-card' glazing. The other project focusses on Mayco's popular Designer Liner, demonstrating all the ways you can use this product to create a one-of-a-kind piece. As a bonus, Bre will demonstrate use of Mayco's Cobblestone special-effect glaze, to enable you to recreate this unique finish at home.

We are very grateful to Mayco for subsidising these courses, allowing us to run them at greatly reduced prices.

Book your place now:

Monday 11 February: Mid-High Fire Glazing Workshop - Day 1

Tuesday 12 February: Mid-High Fire Glazing Workshop - Day 2

Wednesday 13 February: Low-Fire Glazing Workshop