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There is currently a 10 week lead time on all Rohde kilns. Rohde Ergo Load System ELS Our newly deve...

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There is currently a 10 week lead time on all Rohde kilns.

Rohde Ergo Load System ELS

Our newly developed kiln concept ELS Ergo Load System is a kiln series which makes the daily charging routine signi fi cantly easier, safer and easier on the back.

It is a ROHDE patent-registered kiln concept. The smooth running mechanism of this kiln type allows the kiln floor to be pulled out completely so that the whole charging surface can be freely accessed on three sides. This makes it not only easier and safer to charge the kiln but also improves the charging density of the kiln by 20%. This, in turn, saves time and reduces energy and firing costs.

Even heavy components such as furniture plates can be positioned ergonomically without problem. Of course we have incorporated the unique features of all ROHDE Frontloaders into this kiln series. The entire steel construction, for example, is equipped with in-frame ventilation made of stainless steel sheets. The insulation consists of three layers.

We use only high-quality, reduction-resistant insulating firebricks in the firing chamber.


CodeModelTmp. Max CInternal WInternal DInternal HExternal WExternal DExternal HMax Loading KgOutput KwSuppler A (3 phase)
800-98290 ELS 200 S 1320 455 640 680 800 1210 1670 80 13.2 20 478
800-98300 ELS 330 S 1320 590 720 800 930 1280 1800 132 22 32 529
800-98310 ELS 480 S 1320 640 770 1020 980 1370 1930 192 32 47 630
800-98320 ELS 750 S 1320 720 1100 1030 1400 1700 1970 300 50 73 1122
800-98340 ELS 1000 S 1320 910 1005 1145 1590 1605 2085 400 70 100 1150

Rohde kilns are delivered directly from the Rohde warehouse therefore will be showing as out of stock on our website. Please place an order regardless and we will contact you regarding delivery. Usually no more than 4 weeks.The delivery cost for this kiln is estimated and that further charges may apply. Please contact us for details.

Standard mainland England/Wales/Scotland kerbside delivery included in all quoted prices. If you require special delivery arrangements please contact us.


All deliveries MUST be checked before signing. A ‘clear’ signature indicates acceptance of the delivery in good condition. If any issues are subsequently discovered, Rohde/Potclays will not be held responsible. The following procedure must be adhered to:

1. Check the goods by opening the box and examining it for damage; if damaged, sign – damaged

2. If the shock-watch is red, sign as shock-watch activated regardless of what the subsequent checking reveals

3. If there is a small empty box on top of the consignment (usual on top loaders) and it is flattened make a note, box damaged.

4. If it is not possible to open the kiln box (in the presence of the delivery driver) to check the goods, sign as unchecked. Just because the box looks OK, the goods may not be OK.

5. Essentially unless you are really sure (by checking) that the goods are undamaged there should be a note on the receiving papers, either unchecked, shock-watch activated or box damaged.

Volumetric weight:999.000