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2nd Edition 22mm enamel pin badge for “Educlaytors” Limited to 250 for each edition. Al...

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  • 2nd Edition 22mm enamel pin badge for “Educlaytors”
  • Limited to 250 for each edition.
  • All net profits from the sale of this badge will be donated to a worthy Educlaytion cause.

We’re passionate about keeping the craft of ceramics alive. Studio ceramics is coming under increasing threat with its neglect in the education syllabus at primary and secondary levels, whilst further and higher education courses are quietly dropped or subsumed into other disciplines. Our involvement in the promotion of ceramics within education has grown as the need to protect and nurture the subject has intensified. We have an unspoken but deep understanding that we should do everything in our power to promote the role of ceramics in our schools, colleges and universities as well as in the wider community. 

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Potclays offer discounts as part of our #educlaytion programme which supports ceramics in education. The discounts are available to nursery, school, college and university accounts, to charities offering ceramic programmes, and to students during their study period and for 12 months after leaving their course. Proof of educational, charitable or student status is required. Contact us to check if you're eligible.Show your support for 'Educlaytion' with our new pin badge, available to buy on our website, and tag your social posts with #Educlaytion.