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Wheel Questions

Can my wheel be PAT tested?
Not unless it is a PAT test specifically designed for computer/IT equipment. Subjecting any modern computer-controlled wheel such as the Shimp… Read More About This Question
I have a pacemaker - can I use a potter's wheel safely?
Shimpo and Brent advise users that their wheels may be harmful to a person who has a pacemaker. Statement from Shimpo: “Customers with… Read More About This Question
I've tripped over my RK-3E pedal cable and detached it from the wheel - what should I do?
Should the pedal cable become forcibly detached from the wheel due to a trip/fall, seek advice from Potclays immediately. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE… Read More About This Question
How do I stop my Shimpo tray leaking?
Firstly ensure the two parts of the tray are lined up and firmly snapped together. Shimpos were originally designed for the Eastern style of … Read More About This Question
What is the grating sound coming from my Shimpo?
If you are noticing a grating noise when you operate the wheel, this is very often caused by a metal disc which protects the bearings and is d… Read More About This Question
Which Giffin Grip version do I need?
Most British potters throw with their potter’s wheel rotating anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) but many left-handed potters prefer to … Read More About This Question
Why has my wheelhead corroded?
Many wheel manufacturers use aluminium alloy to produce their wheelheads. Aluminium is very resistant to corrosion. This is because aluminium … Read More About This Question
What is the black staining on my wheelhead when I'm throwing?
Most wheelheads on the market today are made from an aluminium bearing alloy, because aluminium generates a protective oxide barrier when it c… Read More About This Question
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