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Mayco Stroke & Coat Brush-On Glaze: Yella Bout It 473ML

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Mayco are temporarily suspending the production of certain product sizes which will affect availability. Read more...

Stroke and Coat

Stroke and Coats unique formulation provides artists endless opportunities wit…
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  • Description

    Mayco Stroke & Coat Brush-On Glaze: Yella Bout It 473ML

    Mayco are temporarily suspending the production of certain product sizes which will affect availability. Read more...

    Stroke and Coat

    Stroke and Coats unique formulation provides artists endless opportunities with multiple uses and firing ranges including alternative firings such as raku, wood and cone 10. * Broad firing range 999 - 1230C (cone 06-6) * Can be applied to bisque or clay * Can be used in conjunction with Foundations and other Mayco glazes * One coat for transparency, 3 coats for opaque * Non-toxic and food safe * 2oz squeezy jar

    Many Mayco glazes can be used at higher temperatures successfully. Click here to see what happens in our Mid-Range Firing Guide

    The Creative Choice | Stroke & Coat® (The Wonderglaze) is the industry’s most versatile product. It can be applied on wet clay, earthenware bisque or stoneware bisque, fired from cone 06 to cone 10, in oxidation or reduction and used in every decorative way imaginable. Stroke & Coat® can be the star of your work or play a supporting role to other glazes. It is the ideal product of choice for the studio, classroom, potter, and fine artist. Speckled Stroke & Coat® glazes are Stroke & Coat® colours with small specks of contrasting hues to add dimension and visual appeal to your creations. Stroke & Coat is available in 2oz & 16oz and 12 selected colours are available in Gallons. One coat will create a translucent finish with subsequent coats increasing opacity. We suggest 2-3 coats for opacity and all over coverage. Let dry between coats. Stroke & Coat® glazes will fire to a gloss finish without clear glaze. However, if desired, a clear glaze may be added. For application on clay, we recommend leaving an area unglazed, such as the back or bottom of the ware, to allow for out-gassing of water and organic materials during the firing process. Stroke & Coat® glazes have been formulated to mature at shelf cone 06/05. Most Stroke & Coat® glazes will maintain their colour at higher temperatures, especially reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues. Their performance changes at cone 6 is noted on each individual product label. We recommend testing prior to use. For more information on mid-range performance, Click here to view Mid-Range firing guide PDF. Stroke & Coat® glazes are certified AP non-toxic and food safe.

    Click here for Mayco's info on Dinnerware & Food Safety.

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