Glaze or body stains are normally used for the preparation of coloured glazes (5-8% addition) or coloured slips (10-18% addition) followed by sieving through 120's mesh. With flux addition they can also be used in maiolica fashion and generally as underglaze colours: For such use, addition of around 10% 2263 Borax Frit is recommended.

Most stains in this section are colour-stable to 1300C with the exception of 4562 Clover Red, 4563 Lilac Tingle and 4575 Peachbloom which are colour-stable to 1140C. Also, these three Chrome-Tin stains are not generally recommended for use as body stains due to unreliable colour response but should perform satisfactorily in glazes up to 1140C.

Powdered glazes, once mixed with water according to the recommended guidance, are suitable for dipping, pouring or spraying onto the piece. They are not suitable for brushing-on without addition of a glaze binder such as Pehatine. If brush-application is intended, we would recommend you select one of our ready-mixed brush-on glazes instead.

Transparent glazes must be applied thinly and fired/cooled on a fast schedule to avoid ‘milkiness’ and/or crazing in the fired result.

Artistic/special effect glazes usually require a generous application to achieve the desired effect. Please note the individual product descriptions for product-specific guidance. Some special effect glazes can melt/flow considerably during firing so please take all necessary precautions, especially with regard to protecting your kiln furniture (stilting, batt wash etc.).

Poppy Red

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Porcelain Pink 4560

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Scorch Brown 4577

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Speedwell Blue 4564

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Spite Yellow 4572

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Turquoise 4568

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