Glaze or body stains are normally used for the preparation of coloured glazes (5-8% addition) or coloured slips (10-18% addition) followed by sieving through 120's mesh. With flux addition they can also be used in maiolica fashion and generally as underglaze colours: For such use, addition of around 10% 2263 Borax Frit is recommended.

Most stains in this section are colour-stable to 1300C with the exception of 4562 Clover Red, 4563 Lilac Tingle and 4575 Peachbloom which are colour-stable to 1140C. Also, these three Chrome-Tin stains are not generally recommended for use as body stains due to unreliable colour response but should perform satisfactorily in glazes up to 1140C.

Poppy Red

Stock code: 4599

Porcelain Pink 4560

Stock code: 4560

Scorch Brown 4577

Stock code: 4577

Speedwell Blue 4564

Stock code: 4564

Spite Yellow 4572

Stock code: 4572

Turquoise 4568

Stock code: 4568