The"Firebird" range is an intermixable low-lead series of powdered onglaze colours. Smoothness of application and vividly flamboyant colours are characteristics of this series. The usual lead content has been minimised thus enabling the colours to meet low lead-release specifications, provided that they are used conventionally and are properly fired.

Preparation of colours: Mix thoroughly by working the colour into a suitable media on a smooth surface using a palette knife in a rubbing action. Pick up the required amount of colour on a brush moistened with turpentine if the media is fat-oil based. Alternatively, a water-based medium may be used instead, in which case use water to moisten and clean the brush.

Firing guidance: Onglaze colours and lustres are normally fired in the range 730-800C. Lower firing temperatures will give matter finishes which is not recommended on the surfaces of ware in contact with foodstuffs. The kiln must be well-ventilated (vent plug out) until about 450-500C to clear away gases from burning-away of media etc. The vent plugs can then be replaced and firing continued to 730-780C at which point the kiln should be switched off and allowed to cool fully.


Powdered glazes, once mixed with water according to the recommended guidance, are suitable for dipping, pouring or spraying onto the piece. They are not suitable for brushing-on without addition of a glaze binder such as Pehatine. If brush-application is intended, we would recommend you select one of our ready-mixed brush-on glazes instead.

Transparent glazes must be applied thinly and fired/cooled on a fast schedule to avoid ‘milkiness’ and/or crazing in the fired result.

Artistic/special effect glazes usually require a generous application to achieve the desired effect. Please note the individual product descriptions for product-specific guidance. Some special effect glazes can melt/flow considerably during firing so please take all necessary precautions, especially with regard to protecting your kiln furniture (stilting, batt wash etc.).

Black 4647

Stock code: 4647

Buttercup 4640

Stock code: 4640

Chrome Green 4634

Stock code: 4634

Damson 4627

Stock code: 4627

Fir Green 4635

Stock code: 4635

Golden Brown 4644

Stock code: 4644

Grey 4646

Stock code: 4646

Kingfisher 4630

Stock code: 4630

Lapis Blue 4631

Stock code: 4631

Lemon Yellow 4638

Stock code: 4638

Light Blue 4632

Stock code: 4632

Lime Green 4636

Stock code: 4636

Naples Yellow 4639

Stock code: 4639

Old Gold 4641

Stock code: 4641

Orange 4642

Stock code: 4642