BOTZ Engobes 900°–1080°C | Easy-to-use liquid engobes in affordable 200ml and 800ml jars that can be applied to either leatherhard or bisque-fired ceramic. Clear painting and brilliant colours. Stir the engobes thoroughly before application then apply a single coat with a brush to leather-hard or biscuit-fired clay. To obtain an earthy matt surface, the engobe can be left unglazed after biscuit firing, or glaze over with Transparent (e.g. BOTZ 29106) and fire at 1050°C. Brush-on engobes are ideal for traditional engobe tube-lined decoration with a slip trailer (see our Xiem Precision Applicators). When trailed, these engobes give a raised three dimensional effect. Intermix engobes within the range to achieve new colours and use in conjunction with other Botz colours to great effect. Experiment for new and exciting results.

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