BOTZ Flüssigglasur, brush-on glazes for 1020°–1060°C | BOTZ brush-on glazes are available in 200 ml and 800 ml jars, ready to use. They are highly concentrated. 800 ml equals 1.4 to 1.8 kg mixed powder glaze. Stir the glaze thoroughly and apply the first coat on clean, dust-free biscuit ware with a brush. Every glaze is finely tuned and has its individual consistency. Apply a second coat when the first is dry. Depending on the thickness you might want to apply a third coat. The glaze can soon be handled and you can then move your glazed work to the kiln. For best results however, allow the glaze to dry for a day before handling. The ideal firing temperature for nearly all BOTZ brush-on glazes is about 1050°C. If the temperature is 'soaked' or held for 10–20 minutes, the glazes become smoother and many effects come out more markedly.

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Agate Grey 200ml

Stock code: 29302

Agate Grey 800ml

Stock code: 29302/1

Apple Green

Stock code: 29376


Stock code: 29342

Aqua 800ml

Stock code: 29342/1

Aquamarine 200ml

Stock code: 29305

Aquamarine 800ml

Stock code: 29305/1


Stock code: 29455


Stock code: 29562

Baby Blue

Stock code: 29370

Bear Skin

Stock code: 29470

Blazing Yellow

Stock code: 29596

Blue Effect 800ml

Stock code: 29542/1

Blue Green Speck

Stock code: 29568