BOTZ Unidekor 1000–1250°C | These newly developed, ready-to-use versatile decorative colours are easy to use, can be diluted with water and can be intermixed with each other. 24 brush-on colours are available in 30ml jars for nearly every ceramic decorating technique: Apply a thin coat of underglaze colour to the biscuit-fired clay, allow to dry thoroughly, glaze with Transparent and fire according to the glaze recommendations. As an overglaze for the decoration of glost ware (already fired white glaze e.g. tiles), decorate and fire at approx. 1050°C. For the Majolica technique, paint colour onto an unfired white-covering glaze, e.g. Botz 29101. To stencil with BOTZ Unidekor, choose a thin stencil and stipple the colour into the gaps two or three times. Lift the stencil off after the colour has dried and glaze over the decorated area carefully with a soft brush using transparent glaze. BOTZ Unidekor sprayed onto porcelain and fired with Transparent BOTZ 29106 at 1080°C gives a wonderfully smooth dishwasher-resistant surface. Experiment with BOTZ Unidekor! They adapt to every firing temperature and every glaze and make your ideas glow.

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