Underglaze colours may be applied onto greenware or bisqueware using a suitable water based media (see 47051 Underglaze Media). Mixing of colour and media must be very thorough and is best achieved by working the colour into the media using a palette knife in a rubbing or lapping action. If sufficient flux is added, colours and stains can be made self-glazing and matt/satin colours developed. Powdered underglazes can also be used as glaze or body stains.

All powdered underglazes in this section are colour-stable to 1300C with the exception of 4530 Flesh Tint, 4531 Crimson, 4532 Purple Damson and 4550 Brick Red which are colour-stable to 1140C. Also, these four Chrome-Tin colours, plus 4542 Victoria Green, are not generally recommended to be used as slip or body stains due to unreliable colour response but should perform satisfactorily in a glaze.

Black 4556

Stock code: 4556

Brick Red 4550 (EW)

Stock code: 4550

Chestnut 4548

Stock code: 4548

Chrome Green 4541

Stock code: 4541

Cornflower Blue 4536

Stock code: 4536

Crimson 4531 (EW)

Stock code: 4531

Emerald Green 4540

Stock code: 4540

Flesh Tint 4530 (EW)

Stock code: 4530

Golden Brown 4547

Stock code: 4547

High Temp Orange 4593

Stock code: 4593

High Temp Red 4590

Stock code: 4590

High Temp Yellow 4592

Stock code: 4592

Ice Blue 4534

Stock code: 4534

Ivory Grey 4552

Stock code: 4552